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Welcome to the garden.  Take some time to smell the roses.

When Kevin isn't behind a computer or in a cave you'll find him here!

He takes exceptional care of my flowers and strawberries.

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Here are Kevin's tomato plants. He started in the containers and had such success he had to transplant some into the raised beds. They are just starting to produce cherry tomatoes. Kevin says there is nothing like them. They are fabulous. Theses containers need to be watered 2x a day and it sounds like he is pleased despite the extra work.

The handful of flowers in the window boxes were a QVC special. Mostly weeds but we found a few flowers. The pretty pinks are wild geranium. I think they are pretty so Kevin leaves me a few in the peony section. The roses and peonies only lasted a few days. We had a beetle problem this year. They were nice for the day or two they were in bloom before being eaten :( The marigolds are Kevin's strawberry loss prevention plan. He has panted them all around the berries and as you can see are full of color.

Thought you might like to see the house. And the house from the garden view. That way I can maintain the garden theme:) The 4th box are our Christmas poinsettias! They weren't doing well for a long time, but replanting them outside has brought them back. The red coat is healthier that what we saw at Christmas. The 5th picture is a pineapple patch. Kevin saves all his pineapples and replants them. If you stop by you'll notice he plants them in the cactus dish during the winter and if you look carefully he has started planting them in the strawberry bed too. There are a few planted around the edge of the house near the window wells! Pineapples everywhere!



Smile. Its the pepper plant. It is part of our container garden this year. Flowers are just starting to bud.

In this raised be you'll find lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, radishes. There are watermelons to the left and marigolds out in front. Above my lovely flowering weeds is our spice container. Fresh spice is nice:) My strawberry bed only produced 3 berries this year but it looks healthy. Next year we'll look for a big crop. The roses are in the middle but ...poor roses.  

No garden is complete without a wind chime. This one is attached to the bottom of the spice container.