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The wonders of the Internet! Kevin and I met through match.com. After a couple months of e-mail and a handful of phone calls, we meet here at Dunn Park.

We chatted as we walked around the main trail. Kevin walked backwards excitedly talking about bats. He even pointed out a few. He was very nervous but completely charming. After our stroll it was getting dark.
I accepted an invitation for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. He impressed me with his ability to remember my entree and order it for me. I tried something new and he likes tea! We talked for a long while. As we left for our cars, he showed off his new Toyota Prius that he was so proud of. It was difficult to say goodnight. I had a relaxing and enjoyable evening.
Dunn Park   Dunn Park   Dunn Park     
Dunn Park   Dunn Park      Dunn Park  
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