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Kevin was in an accident in January. His 2003 Prius was totaled by an SUV driven by a teenager on a cell phone. Oddly enough traffic was stopped by the SUV went anther 2 car lengths. Fortunately, the person in between veered into the shoulder. Kevin was fine but his pride and joy was totaled. We had a miserable time getting him home from Pennsylvania and the rental car return was a story in and of itself. We avoid Enterprise at all cost.

When he arrived home we were devastated to know the waiting list for a new Prius was at least 6 months. Not only was his old car gone but he wouldn't even get a new one. After much searching and calling we found a dealership sympathetic to our plight. Kevin would have his car in 2 weeks. It wouldn't be his # 1 color but it would have all the features he wanted. Yea!!!!


 I'm Kevin's new Prius

Don't I look good with my new owner. Look quick.
It's the last time Erin will be behind the wheel!
I even have a navigation system so I won't get lost.





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As always we wish you great joy, health, happiness, peace, and love.